In depth analysis of one of Aruba’s leading Bass players Sergio Silva

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Live Music Aruba. Right now, we have with us Mr. Sergio Silva, one of Aruba’s long-time performers, and we have to say… for us, the most versatile players on the island.

LMA: Sergio how are you doing tonight?

Sergio: Thank you thank you; I am good, good, very happy to be here!

LMA: Nice! For us it is a pleasure having you here. So, tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you start in the music industry?

Sergio: Well, I started music when I was very young, and it elaborated to what it is now my daily life, I used to work “normal jobs” in the past, until I decided to take music as a full-time job.
And sometimes people do not believe that, but it is a real time job. So, you really must dedicate, you must learn a lot, you must practice a lot, and of course by doing that it takes you to a certain level. And it is nice! It has always been nice for me. I always had fun doing what I am doing.

LMA: That is the main thing! You must have fun doing something that you like to do.
Tell us a little bit of the genres that influence you.

Sergio: Ok, I started with Folk music, to your surprise haha!

LMA: Oh Yeah!

Sergio: I started with folk music when I was incredibly young, and its folk music from where I come from, which is Venezuela, Maracaibo. So, I started in Gaita groups, and later after I decided to go after different other genres, including my favorite which is Reggae, Rock, Soca, I love Soca Music, It’s basically that, I also do a lot of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, I love Afro-Caribbean beats.

LMA: You yourself as a performer, do you perform as a Soloist or do you perform with a band(s)?

Sergio: I’ve performed alone before, but it’s fun when you play with other people, and it creates a different energy when you’re on stage, especially in the hotel circuit, while doing functions, the audience live with you when you are on stage, so if you have a 3 or 6PC band it really doesn’t matter, but as long as you deliver the music and you see the crowd having fun that is what makes you feel great! I love it when I play with bands, I have performed with several bands on the island, and not to forget I’ve performed in a lot of hotel functions, those are fun too!

LMA: That is nice! How long have you been working with Live Music Aruba?

Sergio: Since the beginning, so it has been about 12-years.

LMA: Waw!! That is a long time, so you know Live Music Aruba has been in existence for more than 12 years.

Sergio: Yeah, and it will keep going, believe me, it will go on.

LMA: Do you consider yourself more of a musician or entertainer?

Sergio: Both. You have to consider yourself both, not only one, because you can be a very good musician, but you can’t be in entertainment. So, it has to be both, you have to have a little both of those two so everything can be successful.

LMA: That is amazing. Sergio, thank you very much for coming over.

Sergio: Thank you, and of course Thanks to Live Music for having me!

LMA: Yes of course, thank you to Live Music Aruba for providing an in-depth analysis of our friend right here Sergio Silva. Remember to check out the interview below!


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