A dance show that lets you savor Aruba’s cultural through multiple unique choreographies. An essential experience for anyone who’s visiting an island so rich and diverse in culture as our beautiful island of Aruba. The dancers’ choreographies are based on the contagious rhythms of Aruba’s folkloric music, like our famous Tumba and Tambu, Wals, Baile di Cinta, Calypso and breathtaking contemporary pieces. This 30 minute dance show is perfect for dinners, award ceremonies, incentive programs and company milestones.




Talented, professional, hilarious and entertaining; are just a few of the characteristics used to describe our Limbo Show. Bert, originates from Trinidad is the best limbo dancer in the southern Caribbean and is the most popular one in Aruba. The show is led with well-known, flavorful Caribbean and Soca music. The limbo dance consists of a horizontal limbo bar, placed on top of two vertical bars. The limbo dancer invites the audience to participate with the contest where he guides them how to bend their knees, push back and pull in their tummy. Very entertaining for all ages from kids to adults, for your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, birthdays, family reunion, corporate events or just for some extra fun. For extra excitement after the contest, the Limbo Dancer lights up the Limbo bar with fire and entertains the audience till the lowest point on the poles.