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You Can’t Stop A Good Wave!

Recently, Live Music Aruba officially welcomed Tsunami into their entertainment family. We had the privilege of sitting down and conducting a short interview with one of the band’s lead vocalists; Mitch Almary.

Live Music: Can you share a little about Tsunami’s background with us?

Mitch: Definitely! It all started when a couple of members of the popular Aruban brassband “D2U365” were looking to change the way they made music. They were exploring different alternatives and influences that would blend into a unique style. Their objective was to create a band that would look, sound, and basically do everything in a way it had never been done before. The look; most of the time you will see the band members wearing white, which reflects the purity of the energy that they put into each performance.

Live music: Elaborate on the meaning behind the band’s name?

Mitch: ‘Tsunami’ represents the purity of water, the strength and energy of a tidal wave. Both our music and performance styles are pure because we do it from the heart. The band’s showmanship is very contagious…beware! Our slogan says it all: “You can’t stop a good wave! “

Live Music: For what type of events would you say that Tsunami is requested the most?

Tsunami: Basically, for all types of event. Thanks to our diverse playlist you can rest assured that we’re capable of successfully entertaining any event.
All in all we’ve performed the most at concerts, weddings, corporate parties, dinners, birthdays.

Live Music: How can you describe the band’s style?

Mitch: An energetic band that will get you off your feet from the first tune!

Live Music: When performing for first time visitors of the island or locals how does the band prepare for the performance?

Mitch: It depends on who our target group is. If it’s an event for locals, we prepare music that we know the locals love. If it’s for visitors, it really depends on where they’re from or what the specific genres they like. For example, we have top American songs in different genres, Latin songs that we’re sure everyone knows the words to and Caribbean songs if they are from our sister islands or just to get our crowd in a Caribbean vibe. We even show visitors the moves to a nice Soca tune! We’re also used to preparing for requests for special songs like a ‘first dance’.

Live Music: Where on the island can tourist see Tsunami performing live?

Mitch: To get a good preview, Tsunami is currently playing every last Friday of the month at the famous ‘La Cabana Happy Hour’ at La Cabana Resort and Casino (Palm Beach). Locals and tourists are all more than welcomed to come. You’ll have an amazing time and we’ll make sure to entertain the everyone with top Latin, American and Caribbean music.

Live Music: What are some aspects that make Tsunami different from other bands?

Mitch: What sets us apart are our looks, sound and incomparable energy on stage!

Live Music: Thank you very much Mitch, it’s a great pleasure having Tsunami as part of the Live Music Aruba entertainment family.

Mitch: The pleasure is ours, in the name of Tsunami we would like to thank The Sunny Ray Aruba family for this great opportunity!

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