Armin Solo from Robin & The Rebels, giving you short insider tips on booking live entertainment for any event on Aruba

Live Music Aruba Presents: Armin from Robin & the Rebels We at Live Music Aruba have been getting lots of great reactions and special requests for the latest uprising band in Aruba; Robin and The Rebels, so we thought it would be a wonderful idea to conduct an interview for anyone planning an event on Aruba and looking to add live entertainment, featuring the band’s lead guitarist; Armin Solo. Live Music Aruba: How did Robin & the Rebels come together? Armin: We’ve had this tight unit of Jeremy Bonarriba on the drums, Sergio Silva on bass and vocals, myself playing the guitar, and Sunny Ray Aruba landed us weekly Wednesday night gigs at the Hard Rock Café. Initially we played one or two gigs as a trio, but soon after that we came across Robin who was back on the island. She got on stage with us the following week and we hit it off immediately as a band. It felt like a perfect fit. She’s an amazing vocalist, has experience performing and knows how to engage with the crowd so; we named the band after her. Live Music Aruba: How does the band prepare for different events like; weddings, corporate events, award dinners, company anniversaries etc.? Armin: Before any event or gig we meet as a group and discuss a customized approach so, we’re all on the same page about the type of vibe that our client wants to set. We have an extensive song list varying from one genre to the other to please everyone’s musical preferences and we’re a pretty well rehearsed band so, we have been known to adjust on the fly and as we go, always reading our crowd’s energy. However, it’s always helpful when the band that you want to book knows where the crowd is from, what the age range is and of course favorite genre. On that account the band will prepare their repertoire accordingly. A handy tip for meticulous planners; it’s safe to add which songs the band should stay away from. Live Music Aruba: At which venues can someone experience Robin and The Rebels performing live? Armin: We have a residency at Aruba’s Hard Rock Café, which is every Wednesday night from 9:30PM to 11:30PM. Hard Rock Café Aruba has done an amazing job at providing an atmosphere of artistic freedom where we can play new stuff and have the confidence to experiment here and there. It’s a real fun gig every time! For those who are planning an event from abroad or on short notice and can’t personally watch a band perform, it’s essential to request audiovisual demos. In this way the decision to book any type of entertainment can be based on solid material. Live Music Aruba: Describe the band’s energy in 3 words. Armin: Vibrant, Fresh, Live. Live Music Aruba: Describe the types of events on Aruba that Robin & the Rebels perform at. And do you also do acoustic performances for more intimate settings? Armin: Robin & the Rebels is a band that adapts very easily to their environment, which is why we can perform at almost any type of event. We have done various ballroom corporate functions, but also intimate weddings on the beach that require quieter settings. It’s also, very pleasant to have a band perform soft background music during the ceremony, dinner or networking segment of an event and afterwards changing it up with a more high-energy repertoire. Live Music Aruba: Which venue is your personal favorite to perform at? Armin: Moomba Beach (close to Marriott Resort) is definitely a fun venue, because you never know how crazy it is going to get. The crowd is high-energy, especially on a Sunday night, and the band feeds off that energy. An amazing reaction from the crowd makes any musician play better! And in many cases it even encourages the band to play one or two extra songs after the planned performance ended. That’s a small trick to keep the party going just a little bit longer with no added cost. Live Music Aruba: Thank you so much Armin for taking the time to sit with us and talk a little bit about Robin & The Rebels and giving our readers a few tips. We wish you guys a lot of success on your musical journey! Armin: Hey, it’s always a pleasure! On behalf of the whole band we thank you too for the fun interview.

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