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Saxophones on the beach, the perfect combination for an Island wedding.

Upon request we conducted the following interview with international saxophone player Lazaro.

Live Music Aruba: When did you start playing the saxophone and who were your early influences?
Lazaro: I began my journey to become a successful saxophonist in 1994. My main influences were Maestro Benjamín Brea, Maestro Ramón Moncho Carranza and Maestro Santiago Baquedano. Thanks to them I learned some incredible skills.

Live Music Aruba: In what type of events do you play and which of them are the most popular here in Aruba?
Lazaro: I’ve performed at international and local concerts, festivals, weddings and receptions.

Live Music Aruba: Weddings are the most popular events here on the island. What are the most requested genres at weddings and receptions?
Lazaro: Most couples request romantic, contemporary and classic standard songs.

Live Music Aruba: What do you consider to be the most decisive moments in a wedding or reception when it comes to music?
Lazaro: The most decisive moment is when you select the repertoire according to the audience you are in and the venue. Many details go in choosing the right songs and the more people that attend the event, the more difficult it gets to please everyone so, that’s when we musicians step-in and help by making suggestions. Pairing songs with the audience’s preference, the venue and the type of ambiance that the couple or planner want to set.

Live Music Aruba: How important is the practice and instrumental technique to achieve your musical goals?
Lazaro: It is super important to be prepared at any level of demand at the time it is required. Staying up to date with new songs is also, extremely important when it comes to pleasing your audience.

Live Music Aruba: Please recommend two artists for our readers who feel they deserve your attention.
Lazaro: I think that everyone should listen to Eric Marienthal & Greg Vail at least once in their lives.


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