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A Master Class with a bang

   PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Master Class Leadership 2017

  The PwC Masterclass Leadership started years ago with approximately 15 to 20 participants and it has grown into a full blown event where more than 500 participants to be expected this year. We sat down with  PwC’s advisory director Mr. Goedhoop to ask him how he paved the way combining the corporate world with his passion for music making the formula for a new kind of Master Class. Following our interview: What role does music play in the PwC Masterclass Leadership 2017 and to what degree does this impact the audience? We started to incorporate music about 4 years ago and 3 years ago we started to incorporate live bands in the event. Live music has a very big and important impact on the audience as it boosts the energy and the momentum during the event. This year we took it a step further, where we were involved in the song “Together”. This song will be the key element before, during and hopefully long after this year’s event. How did this song come about? The song “Together” is the symbol of the fact that we all have to step up as individuals, as an organization and as a nation and the realization that if we truly work together, we can achieve great things. This is further symbolized by the fact that most of the prominent speakers of PwC Masterclass Leadership 2017 also participated in the actual song “Together” by means of background vocals / choir. Once an event is accomplished, how do you find a different source of inspiration to create a new concept for the next edition? I just try to be open for it and let it come to me. Trust the process and don’t be easily satisfied until you feel it is the right call. An event of such magnitude as the PwC Masterclass Leadership 2017 takes a lot of time and effort. You are extremely enthusiastic about this event; why do you enjoy organizing it every year? I enjoy the creative process behind it. I enjoy the journey that I see in ideas materialize in an actual event. And I enjoy seeing that people are getting enthusiastic and motivated to work on the event and more importantly that they believe in the overall message and objective that we are trying to do here which is to elevate the level of leadership in Aruba and now also an additional theme of Only Together We Can Make Music.  

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