Planning your dream wedding? Meet our guitarist and create a memorable music trademark.

We at Live Music Aruba understand how essential it is for couples to turn their wedding into a true reflection of their personalities and love for each other. With more than 7 years of experience providing newly weds with the perfect artist(s) for their special day, we are here to help you tailor every musical aspect of your wedding to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We interviewed one of our most requested wedding musician to give couples a little more insight on wedding music. Derrick Lopez is an Aruban native guitarist that juggles his personal life with the love he has for music and jamming with friends. He helps students of all ages to develop their musical skills, passing on knowledge as a full time teacher at Aruba’s Music School. At what age did you start studying music? My never ending journey with music started when I was 11 years old. Where did you study music? I studied music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. What Instruments do you play and what inspired you to pick these up? I play the electric and acoustic guitar. From a young age I was intrigued by the way the guitar’s strings sounded. The challenge of learning a new song excited me and I am still learning. What makes you different from other wedding musicians? I have a big repertoire of finger-style acoustic songs where I play all my songs without backing tracks and that makes it a much nicer experience. I can just progress into the requested songs without gaps, and I’ve been doing it for about 10 years so, now it`s much easier for me to figure out the requested songs. Because I am used to figuring songs out on my own they always sound original and by focusing my sound using the latest technology I manage to consistently sound my best. What are your recommendations for wedding couples when it comes to selecting their wedding music? Please include  your favorites. I always recommend songs that are special or have a certain meaning to them, songs that mirror the way they feel about each other. Nowadays couples don’t go for the traditional wedding songs like the ‘Wedding March’ or the famous ‘Pachabel’, they request more modern songs instead. My favorites are A Thousand Years, Titanium, Thinking Out Loud, How Deep Is Your Love and Fields Of Gold. We have received many questions through out the years about the schedule of your performance, when exactly do you play music during a wedding ceremony? I start playing when guests arrive to be seated, then I’ll play the requested recessional and processional songs. Afterwards, I keep playing for the family pictures. Can you also play music during the cocktail hour, dinner and reception? Yes, of course I can and I almost always receive the requests to do so. I usually vary the music by playing both finger-style and lounge jazz music with backing tracks if, there aren’t any specific requests. Name an unforgettable moment you witnessed at one of the weddings you played at. Here in Aruba most weddings are either on the beach, a private island, or sometimes even hidden in caves or giant boulders of rock formations. I never forget the bride or groom’s face expressions when I play a song that is close to their heart, I can see all the warm sentiments music can bring. Every couple customizes their wedding to truly make it their own so, every single ceremony and reception I perform at is memorable. I’ve done some celebrity wedding renewals and I have also filmed an episode of The Bachelor where I played the guitar for the filming of the dinner in a cave with one of the final contestants. Lastly, what are the steps someone has to take to book you for an event? Anyone can book me through my booking agent Sunny Ray Aruba, just send an e-mail to or feel free to call the musical director at +297 5926552. For more information visit where you’ll find a video demo of my performance, a short description and a preview of my repertoire. No matter what kind of music you opt for, your chosen entertainer(s) will enhance your wedding experience and help shape your memories of that special day in Aruba. We’re here to help,  contact us today!

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