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Interview with Chayo Tromp from Honeypot

                                 Honeypot: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Aruba | Local When we walked into Sunny Ray Aruba’s recording studio located in the renown touristic area of Palm Beach, Aruba we found Honeypot’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Chayo Tromp in midst of a vocal tracking for a brand new album. After discussing Aruba’s music scene, Chayo was kind enough take out a few minutes of his time so, we could conduct the following interview; When was Honeypot established? The band Honeypot was established in the early 1996’s. How many albums has Honeypot already released? Honeypot has released 4 recorded albums and 1 live album. Which are the band’s major or most significant songs? Please describe why. Our biggest hits to date are Borracha, Living Easy, Away From It All and Sunrise Dub and the all time favorite Only Wanna Be With You. Why: These songs are always requested at every show we perform at. What is to be expected from this new Album? This new album is full of surprises; all the songs are good from beginning till end. What is the new album’s title? The new album’s title is “Blood Sweat & Tears”. What was the main source of inspiration for this new album? Our inspiration comes from Aruba’s beautiful nature, waves, landscapes, kind hearted people, our island lifestyle but, mainly from our struggles that’s why we chose the title the title Blood, Sweat and Tears. How have you changed since the album Milk and Honey? Compared to Milk & Honey this new album has more reggae tunes on it from start to finish. Also, this is the first time we have an album with 15 tracks on it. Do you have any collaborations on your new album? If, so who were the invited artists? Yes, we have various collaborations on this album with artists such as Awaras, Smiley, Ashwin Jade, and more. Are you pleased with the sound of this new production? Yes, we are very pleased with how this album sounds. What kind of sound were you looking for in the back of your mind prior to entering Sunny Ray Aruba’s studio. We were looking for clear vocals, tight drum sounds, heavy and thick bass sounds. Clean sounds all in all. Is there anything else you want to add to please your loyal fans and new ones? The album Blood, Sweat and Tears will be released in 2018. We will also be releasing a couple of new video clips for this album. Honeypot has managed to inject new life into Aruba’s reggae industry with just a few songs. Drawing fans by effortlessly fusing Rocksteady’s relaxed sounds with the easy recognizable musical elements of Rock, Roots and Dancehall.

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