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Magy’s trajectory as a leading female vocalist in the Aruban entertainment industry.

Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is Lee Croes, and I am here representing Live Music Aruba. With me I have Magy in the studio, we are going to discuss a little bit of what Magy does here with us at Live Music Aruba.

Lee: Magy, how are you doing tonight?

Magy: Hi Lee I’m fine, thank you for the invitation.
My real name is Margaret Marin and my artistic name is Magy. I’m originally from Venezuela but was raised here in Aruba and I have been a singer for almost all my life, so this is what I do for a living and I truly love it!

Lee: That’s awesome!
So tell us a little bit of how you started in this industry.

Magy: Well that’s a long story, but to keep it short, since I was about five years old I was already singing.
It all started with Maybeline Arends Croes. She’s a very popular teacher here on the island, and a very dedicated teacher, so she was also like my mother to me, she taught me everything that I know. When my musical career started I was singing in several bands and also sang by myself, until I met Jeremy Bonarriba (Live Music Aruba’s musical director) 5 years ago. After that I started singing more often in the hotel and restaurant industry together with bands consisting of an incredible array of musicians.

Lee: So, what are the genres that you mostly dominate?

Magy: Almost all of them, that comes with the fascinating diverse backgrounds we are exposed to on the island. For example Latin Music such as Salsa, Reggeaton, Merengue but of course also R&B and Pop Music.

Lee: Amazing amazing, so you do corporate events as well and what about weddings?

Magy: Yes, definitely! I can sing everything so, it all depends on the clients’ preferences, the type of event and ambiance.

Lee: So, you name it and Magy’s got you covered!
Alright, thank you very much for tonight Magy, wish you all the best and hope to see you here again with us. Check out her Youtube interview here below

Magy: Thank you so much, Bye!

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